Friday, August 29, 2008

I Love Magazine

Boho has arrived - A new magazine for bohemian women.

Are you a boho?

Free. Radical. Independent.
Her style is her own.
It's personal, existential.

Her only fear is convention.
Her only weakness, shoes.
The bump on her nose adds character,
the scar on her shoulder adds strength,
the curl in her hair adds attitude.
There is no such thing as imperfection,
just originality.

Unmovable, Unshakeable, Unstoppable,
She is America's next top role model.
Someone both inspired and inspiring.
She embraces her spirituality,
aspires to her dreams,
lives through her passions.
She is a world changer.
She is bohemian.
She is a boho girl.

The magazine is looking for girls like you and me to show the unique styles of ours for a chance to win a feature in the Boho magazine. If you think you've got individual style, contact Boho magazine.

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